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Mr. Matthew Morgan

Mr. Matthew Morgan is a 2015 graduate of Fairmont State University (FSU) with a Bachelor of Arts in music education. At FSU, his passion for music earned him awards such as Excellence in Music Theory, Excellence in Conducting, and the Matthew Morgan Dance Award (named after him upon graduation). Because he was selected for All-State Choir twice in high school and participated in Collegiate Honor Choir a total of four times, his original instrument of choice was voice. However, marching band quickly became his passion upon finding Drum Corps International (DCI) and becoming a Bluecoats fan. He has participated in multiple band camps: eight as a marching member (with titles such as Section Leader, Brass Caption Head, and Assistant Band Commander) and five as an instructor prior to becoming the Band Director at North Marion High School in the fall of 2017. His goal is to inspire the future of music educators at North Marion High School. 


Mrs. Resa Morgan

Mr. Morgan’s wife, Resa, is the color guard instructor for North Marion High School. She has been involved in marching band since 2007, where she played flute and bass drum. In 2010, she became a color guard member. In college, she began writing routines for Fairmont State University, where she graduated in 2015 with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing. She has been by Mr. Morgan's side with the band since starting in 2017. Her routines have won her color guard Best auxiliary multiple times. Her dedication is shown as she doesn’t miss a practice or performance. 

Trumpet Instructor 

Mackenzie Renner is the 2022-23 trumpet instructor. She is a 2020 NMHS Marching Band Alumni and will be a returning instructor to us for the second year. We are excited to have her continue to help us this year.

Saxophone Instructor

Benjamin Duncan will be instructing out saxophones for the 2022-23 year. He is a 2021 graduate from NMHS. He will be a returning instructor for the second year. We can't wait to have his help again!

Flute Instructor

Dr. Alyssa Schwartz will be our flute instructor for the 2022-23 year. She is the band director at FSU and has been a flute instructor for many years. We are extremely happy that she has agreed to help us this year!

Clarinet Instructor

Jalina Spiker will be joining us again this year as the clarinet instructor. She is a Fairmont State University student and is pursuing music as a career. We hope instructing our clarinets again will give her an enjoyable experience.

Low Brass Instructor 

Taylor Reveal will be our low brass instructor this year. She is a Marion County Young Life Leader and has come to a bunch of our football and basketball games to support the kids. We are excited to see what she can do!

Percussion Instructor

Johnathan Richards is the 2022-23 percussion instructor. He is a FSU Marching Band Member and will be a new instructor to us this year. We are excited to see what he can do to help us this year.

Gavin Arnold

Drum Major

Jordan Cogar

Band Commander

Anna Smith

Color Guard Captain

Chase Knight

Drumline Captain

Malakhi Price

Drumline Co-Captain

Chase Knight

Center Snare

Denise Felix

Flute Leader

Zada Mitchell

Clarinet Leader

Eva Tennant

Saxophone Leader

Jordan Cogar

Trumpet Leader

Makenna Price

Low Brass Leader

Cheyenne Weaver

Equipment Manager

Jordan Cogar

Uniform Manager

Chad Weaver


Patricia DeNoon


Stephanie Cummons


Resa Morgan


Chris Tennant




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